Lay Away Policy now introduces our new Lay-Away plans. Applicable only to items more than P3,000.00.

A. Conditions

1. A 50% of the total amount is required as deposit or downpayment.

2. Payment of Balance:

a. Items from P3,000-P5,000: 1 Month (30 days).
b. Items more than P5,000.00: 2 Months (60 days).

 3. Item/s will be shipped AFTER COMPLETION OF PAYMENT only.

4. Items not fully paid after last day of payment of balance will automatically be CANCELLED. The account and the client will be considered as DEFAULT status. Please see conditions for refund and processing of default accounts.

B. Conditions for Defaulting Accounts/Clients

1. Processing and storage fee: a 15% storage and processing fee (from the total amount) is NON-REFUNDABLE. The equivalent amount will be deducted from the deposit or downpayment.

2. Refunds will be processed 5-7 days after the lapse of the final payment date or upon request of the client.

3. Fees of money transfer/bank deposits/padala for refunds will be shouldered by the client and will be deducted from the remaining amount.

C. Re-ordering the Item

1. You may re-order the item after you have defaulted. However, the amount of the processing and storage fee must be paid first.

2. The price, discounts and other conditions of the item price may no longer apply at the time you place a new order.

D. Waiver of Liabilities

1. You agree not to hold of any and all liabilities of any untoward circumstances and experience you may
undergo in the course of this agreement.

2. You acknowledge that you freely enter this agreement.